Couples & Groups

The unique concept of a cycling holiday based in one location is just ideal for groups and couples.....

If you are travelling with a bunch of friends you don't have to ensure that they all have the same fitness & capability levels; once you all arrive at our farmhouse & gîtes you can each decide exactly how far and fast you want to travel on each and every day. There is no formality, no daily targets to be met. Every day is bespoke and tailored to the individual wishes of every member of the group.  So if one person wants to ride 200Km at speed over the Pyrenees and another wants to cycle into the nearest farmers market to pick up some cheese & wine for the afternoon, then that is what will happen and we will be there to support you through every turn of the wheels.

Similarily, if you come with your partner and one wants to cycle while the other plays golf or goes to one of the spas (or both) - then so be it!

This is your holiday; its not boot camp. Gascon Cycling, based in this most beautiful part of the world, has all the tools to bring you a wonderful relaxing healthy holiday - come ride with us!

Welcome to Gascon Cycling Tours, a thousand years of history to explore

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