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Are you sick of all the razzmatazz surrounding corporate events? Are you looking for a retreat that is exactly what it says - a retreat? Something authentic, something mature, something stunning? Then consider France, and more specifically, Gascony and our 500 year old farmhouse, Las Chapas.....










There are many reasons why France is the most popular tourist destination in the world:- with 38 cultural sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, a warm temperate climate and a "joie de vivre" incomparable with anywhere else on the planet. In addition we are dedicated to creating for you a bespoke event to suit your exact needs. Whether it be high adrenaline, chill-out or somewhere in between, we have all the tools to make your time here exquisite.

After a lifetime of working in the corporate world we, the owners of Gascon Cycling, are only too aware of the importance of professionalism when it comes to providing appreciation and retreat events for clients and staff.  Accordingly we have a separate team, led by co-founder Peter Stephenson, dedicated to administering the absolute quality and infinite detail surrounding all the planning and implementation required.

So this year, leave the kids and the noise behind and come enjoy bona fide care with Gascon Cycling Tours

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Welcome to Gascon Cycling Tours, a thousand years of history to explore

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